Great Dane T Shirt

The Great Dane is a large-sized dog breed originating from Germany. The Great Dane descends from hunting dogs from the Middle Ages used to hunt bear, wild boar, and deer. They were also used as guardians of German nobility. It is one of the two largest dog breeds in the world, along with the Irish Wolfhound. Buy Great Dane T Shirt Here!

Great Dane T Shirt

About Great Dane T Shirt

The Germanic Great Dane is a working dog breed that dates back at least 400 years, and its primary purpose was hunting boar. Generally quick and vigilant, Great Danes are brave, amiable, and dependable canines. It looks lovely because of its big, square-jawed head and exquisite body lines. Its short coat comes in the following colors: black, harlequin (white with black spots), brindle, blue-gray, fawn (golden brown), or mantle (white with a black “blanket” covering the body). The dogs that are brindle and fawn have black masks.The Great Dane is the tallest working breed, reaching a wither height of 28 to 32 inches (71 to 81 cm) and weighing between 110 and 175 pounds (50 and 79 kg).

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Great Dane T Shirt

Great Dane T Shirt

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